Dominique, Mom and me

When we were in Hawaii in January 2007, we were able to meet my cousin Dominique, who was working at a Mazda dealership in Kaka‘ako, only two blocks from where I worked for the summer just a few months before at the architecture firm Urban Works.

She has since moved back to the West Coast so I’m glad we were able to meet her during the short time she and we were in Hawaii at the same time.

Here we are enjoying lunch at the Hungry Lion. Notice the strong family resemblance in our smiles?

A little later, Mom finally got her (second set of) braces taken off and now looks very lovely.


At Ala Moana

We went to Ala Moana Beach to walk in the sand and stick our feet in the water.

  Dominique and me

Hard to believe but we really are cousins!

At Chin's

Aunty Carol, Dominique and Mom at Chin’s in Kahala.


At Chin's

The family at Chin’s.

  Jim and Dominique

Dominique and Dad

After Mom and I left, Dad got together again with Dominique and cousin Jim at Side Street Grill. Jim is Jody and Jessica’s (Dad’s cousin Joan Kashiwahara’s daughters) father; see Sakamoto > Kashiwahara.