June 2000

Busy Bees”is the name of Naomi’s daycare center which she attended from the age of 11 months. Naomi’s Busy Bee friend Ryan graduated from St. Mary’s High School in June 2000, along with Erin, another Busy Bee alumna from the first graduating class.

We were sorry to miss Ryan’s graduation party but Naomi had finals that week and we (her parents) were moving another load of her things (refrigerator, boom box, printer, tennis racquet, drafting equipment, etc.) back home. Ryan will be going to UC Santa Cruz next year and Erin will be attending UC Davis along with Tom Deckert, who knows Erin and Naomi from Nomura School.

Another Busy Bee graduate, Emmy Lou Maack, is attending El Cerrito High School and will be graduating next year. It was nice to talk to her and her dad Chris on the phone. We’ll have to try to make a real effort this summer to have a Busy Bee Reunion before they go off to college.

Congratulations to all the new graduates!