Click here for a recipe for Kalua Pig submitted by my dad to the Blackhawk Museum Guild for their recipe book, August 2001. My dad was their Webmaster and consultant.

Shave ice

Wayson Chow (Carol’s old friend from law school), wife Charlene Nakamura, and their daughter Melissa join us at Jung’s — that’s Jung Wu himself, second from left.

We think Jung’s shave ice is the best — really ono (delicious)! In particular, the ice is finely shaved, the syrups are ono, the syrup-to-ice ratio is perfect (so you don’t run out of flavor when you get to the bottom), the price is right and he has “extras” available, like ice cream, azuki beans, mochi balls and snow cap (condensed milk). The only problem is trying all the possible combinations during the limited time we have at home. As a result, we find it necessary to go by just about every day.

Jung's Shave Ice

Enjoying yet another nearly daily shave ice at Jung’s. Grandpa and Grandma always get a small cone of strawberry with a wooden spoon. Aunty Carol usually gets a small cup with ice cream. Dad and Uncle Michael always get a large, of course. More information about our favorite combinations will be coming soon so you can try it yourself or send us your favorites.

Jung’s new store

Jung’s used to be located in Moiliili but is now located at 1738 S. King St., across the street from Washington Intermediate School and Zippy’s. There is free parking in the back, shared with Kaimuki Typewriter (even though it is no longer in Kaimuki and hardly anyone uses a typewriter anymore). The photo above was taken by Mom in the summer of 2004 at Jung’s new store: Dad, me, my “Scarlet Fire” house (Stanford) roommate Julia, and Jung.

Jung’s Shave Ice menu

Sachiko & Wayne

Dad’s friend Sachiko (Yoshikawa) and her husband Wayne Blackwelder, when we got together at an Indian restaurant in Palo Alto just before they moved to Oregon in 1999. Sachiko used to work for Pentax in Tokyo and Dad met her when she first arrived in California to attend college in Marin County. She has seen me grow from a toddler a few years old to a college student and was shocked to see me the day this picture was taken after so many years. Sachiko hasn’t changed very much but I guess I have.


Sachiko and Wayne’s daughter Kinu arrived at 3:00 a.m. on December 26, 2003. She weighed 7.1 pounds and was 19" tall. Kawai desu!!!

“Kinu” means “silk” in Japanese. Sachiko and Wayne liked the idea of naming her after the old Silk Road which linked the East and West. Sachiko says that since Kinu arrived their lives have changed so much: “It has been like a little typhoon arrived in our house!!!”

More pictures from Sachiko (New Year 2005 —Kinu is one year old!).


Mrs. Ong's 80th birthday party

Mrs. Ong celebrated her 80th birthday in November 2000 with family and friends at a Chinese restaurant in Emeryville. Mom and I were able to attend but unfortunately Dad missed it because he was still driving up from L.A. during the party. We had other chances to get together with the extended clan at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, which we always look forward to.

See Naomi > Stanford graduation for more pictures of Mrs. Ong and her family.



Alvin, Dad’s grade-school through high-school classmate, at his house in Wyoming with his Toyota Echo and Dad’s 4-Runner behind it, when Dad stopped by to visit him during his photo trip in October 2004.


The dining room and kitchen of Alvin’s house.

Alvin’s family

Alvin’s family, 2005: Monica, Diane, Alvin and Charles.




While Alvin was in Hawaii in late November and early December 2004, he visited Grandma and Grandpa and took these portraits of them with his digital camera that Dad helped him pick out in Cody, Wyoming. Notice my high school graduation portrait behind Grandpa in their living room.