August 21, 2008

Uncle Michael forwarded these pictures (from his friend Kyle Oyasato) of “yummy” 2008 Chinese Olympics snacks.

The place to go!

The place to go!…apparently.

Oysters, squids and iguana tails

Fresh oysters, squids and iguana tails, ready to be cooked to your order.


Yummy seahorses on a stick—poor things.

Baby sharks, deep-fried star fish and sea urchins

Baby sharks, deep-fried star fish and spiny sea urchins.

Scorpions, crickets and beetles

Scorpions, crickets and beetles…oh, my!

Silk worms, black scorpions, dung beetles and cicadas

Silk worms, black scorpions, dung beetles and cicadas…blech! One-stop shopping!

Goat lungs with red peppers

Goat lungs with red peppers. I don’t think I’ve yet seen a good recipe for this on the Food Network…so I don’t expect to be trying to cook this dish anytime soon.

Scorpion brochettes

Fresh scorpion brochettes.

Star fish fried in shark oil

Star fish fried in shark oil. (See Mike and Alison’s brave experience trying star fish on a stick.)

Snake about to be grilled

Snake about to be grilled to order.

Dog brain soup

Dog brain soup. (Will eating this make you smarter or dumber?…more obedient, perhaps?)

Lizard legs

Lizard legs. (What would be the appropriate wine to serve with this dish?)

Assorted scorpions and beetles

Assorted scorpions, beetles, sea horses and what looks like lizards in the foreground. So many choices, so little time.

Corn with ginger sauce

Corn with ginger sauce. At last, something that, at least looks like a familiar food, although this particular combination isn’t one that you’d be able to find easily anywhere in the US.

Dog liver with vegetables

Dog liver with vegetables…. I thought they banned dog and cat dishes during the Games so that they wouldn’t gross out foreigners…guess not.

Mixed cow and horse stew

Mixed cow and horse stew. Looks delicious…NOT!