Great grandmummy Dorothy

When I was still a little baby, we drove down to L.A. to visit Great Grandmummy Dorothy (Grandpa’s mother).



We drove to L.A. when I was a little older to visit Mom’s Uncle Abe, Aunt Min, Grandmummy Dorothy and Grandpa. Uncle Abe was a jeweler who worked on analog clocks and watches. Aunt Min was a fabulous cook; Mom and Dad will always remember enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving potroast.

  Grandpa and Aunt Sarah

Grandpa and Aunt Sarah.

Aunt Sarah

With Aunt Sarah.


Making a point

Making a “point.”

  Grandpa at my graduation

Grandpa Bob, whom I used to call “Grandpa who lives in Disneyland,” when he lived in L.A. not too far from Anaheim, now lives in Seattle near my Aunt Sarah.

This picture was taken when I graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Urban Design. For more pictures of Grandpa, go to Naomi and Stanford BA or MS.


Grandpa at the ceremony when I got my Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford.


Cousin Dominique