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Of course, one of the first orders of business upon arrival is to get shave ice at Jung’s. See Friends > Family Friends for more about Jung’s.

Luau at Uncle Michael’s

The roast

Uncle Michael and Aunty Nadine prepared a delicious roast-beef dinner for us. Ed brought sashimi and fried Ono for pupus (the large platter in front of Grandpa). As you can tell by the huge size (over 20 pounds) of the roast, there was more than enough food to fill us all to overflowing — as is usual in the Sakamoto family.

Lilikoi cake

We had lilikoi (passion fruit) cake and ice cream for dessert.

Bishop Museum

We went to the Bishop Museum on a typical nice day with Uncle Michael and Aunty Nadine. The whole time I was there the temperature forecasts were 86° / 75° — boring but so nice compared to elsewhere on the mainland.


One evening we went to hear Hawaiian music with Robin, who grew up with Dad in Kuliouou only two backyards away and graduated from Kalani High School in its first graduating class (Dad was in the second).

Robin lives in Vallejo, near Dad in the Bay Area, and flies home to Hawai‘i every month to see his mother and maintain her yard. It’s nice when Dad and Robin are in Hawai‘i at the same time because they can see each other slaving away in their respective back yards and not feel so bad that they have so much work to accomplish during their visit.

George Kuo

Martin Pahinui

Aaron Mahi

Bobby Ingano

We enjoyed the great music of George Kuo (6 / 12-string slack-key guitar & vocals), good-natured Martin Pahinui (6-string slack-key guitar & vocals), Aaron Mahi (bass, vocals and former director of the Royal Hawaiian Band) and Bobby Ingano (steel guitar).

Alvin and Eddie

Alvin's family

We were able to get together with Dad’s classmate Alvin and his friend Eddie in Makakilo and meet Alvin’s new family (Monica, Diane and Charles) before they flew to SFO for the drive back to Alvin’s home in Wyoming (see Friends > Family Friends).

Wine tasting

Another fun thing we did was to go with Aunty Nadine and Dad’s classmate Ed to Indigo Restaurant’s wine-tasting evening, where we compared Pinot Noir to Merlot. We noticed that after a few glasses Aunty became even more jolly than usual.

Izakaya Nonbei

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Izakaya Nonbei in Kapahulu, where we had gone with cousin Barbara and Michael last year (click on the Dobis button on the left). The interior is designed to look like an old Japanese Inn — very beautiful. Grandpa used to go there often long ago but we were just introduced to it when we went there with Barbara and Michael.

Jung and neice

Jung and his neice and nephew

Jung was babysitting his neice and nephew one day when we went there to get shave ice.

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