Great Grandmummy Dorothy

We drove down to visit Great Grandmummy Dorothy in Hollywood and Grandpa in Claremont. The trip took 14 hours because Dad had to stop every hour to allow me to nurse for awhile. I was always ready to eat — it runs in the family (on Dad’s side). However, it appears from this picture that I was pretty stuffed by the time we arrived — 14 hours of eating tends to do that to you.


Grandpa and Aunt Sarah

With Grandpa and Aunt Sarah.

  Family resemblance

There seems to be a very strong family resemblance.

  With Elizabeth

Being (re)introduced to Elizabeth Bury-Battin, who was born three months before I was. She is now (2005) studying at University College in Cork, Ireland, after finishing up last year at Wellesley. Too bad our residency on the east coast didn’t overlap.

After attending summer school (2004) she and a friend from Philadelphia drove across country together. They spent a day in Chicago, visited the Badlands and the Corn Palace in South Dakota and got their S.D. truckers hats, taking loads of pictures along the way.

While Elizabeth was crossing the Badlands, her parents Susan and Harry were in Las Vegas, where Harry was attending a conference. Susan had never been there despite it being next door to her native state. They saw the Monet exhibit at the Bellagio and the musical Mamma Mia! at Mandalay Bay. The Monet exhibit was wonderful. It contained 20 paintings on loan from Boston’a MOMA. There were no crowds and there was no hurry. They were able to linger in front of each painting and look at all the little details down to the brush strokes!

She’s sharing an apartment with a local Irish girl whose family is from the suburbs of Cork. In December 2004, she and her dad visited Paris and Madrid and had a wonderful time, I’m sure.


Sheila worked with Mom at the lawbook publishing company Bancroft-Whitney before I was born and today still works [since retired] with Mom at the California Supreme Court. Gammy (Gamila) and I are only months apart in age too.


No neck

No-neck cherub.

  Showing Grandpa photos

Showing Grandpa photos

Explaining some photos in my album to Grandpa.


Having dinner with all my grandparents.


Showing Mom that I know the different parts of myself: this is my forehead.

My Mom was giving me a bath, washing my hair, and asked me if I could “hold my breath” so she could pour water over my head to rinse my hair. She burst out laughing when I immediately clutched my breast instead.

Bath in sink

Speaking of baths, like most children I enjoyed having a bath in the kitchen sink. I could even enjoy a snack at the same time.


The bathroom basin was also a nice place to take a bath. “Mirror, mirror by the sink, I’m just the cutest, don’t you think?”

Dad used to say that, from the back, I had the figure of a frog. He also laughed when my pediatrician Dr. Cuthbertson took my measurements and recorded them as 19–21–19 — quite the opposite of the desirable hourglass figure.