With Nikki

Playing with soda bottles with Nikki.



I’ll pick out a real good “raisie” (raisin) for you. Here you go!


Walking with Erin at Tilden Park.


On the balcony with Dad. From the smile on my face, I must be planning my next grand scheme — I always had big plans in the works, always up to no good.


There’s nothing like eating a big juicy strawberry on a nice sunny day in the park …

With Dad at Tilden

… especially with my Daddy.


This requires a keen sense of balance. Notice my jade baby bracelet; my Chinese middle name is Kam Yuk, which means gold jade (or “doubly precious”).


Drunk on formula … then waking up in a strange motel room in San Luis Obispo.



In a contemplative mood. “Maybe I should go to Stanford — and then Harvard — when I grow up.” They’re the best schools in the country, so that seems like a perfectly reasonable plan.


My favorite “ride” in Disneyland was this big rock next to the Columbia riverboat cruise. Mom and Dad could’ve saved lots of money by finding me a big rock outside Disneyland.

I also used to enjoy riding merry-go-rounds, spaceships and race cars outside supermarkets. It wasn’t until we were down in L.A. visiting with Uncle Tom and someone else wanted to use the racecar when I discovered that, if you put a quarter in, it actually moved. My parents neglected to tell me that all that time …

They were both in on numerous conspiracies. Until high school I went to year-round schools; when someone asked me how I was planning to enjoy summer vacation, I didn’t know what in the world they were talking about.

  Reading with Dad

Reading with Dad.

With Mom

With my Mom.



Naomi doing pushups

In my Joe Montana 49er outfit doing pushups with the Cal football team — long ago when she was a member of the “Cub Club” (Cal supporter) and not an archrival Stanford Cardinal.

  Naomi kicking football

About to amaze everyone with my kicking ability.

Naomi with Chancellor Tien

With the Cal football coach (who, after his success at getting them to a bowl game, went to Arizona State), Chancellor Tien and Athletic Director.