With Jean

Jean (Ishikawa) and Dad in 1945 (1 year old)

Sunday, May 28, 2000 —

On Friday, May 26, we visited with Aunty Clara, John (Jean’s brother) and Ann Ishikawa at Karl and Kathy’s house in Palo Alto, along with Rosa. The Ishikawas are on their way back from Akemi’s graduation.

We had a good time catching up with what’s been happening since the last time we got together at Ken’s house, when Akemi was about 7 and Naomi was 3 or 4. It’s hard for us parents to believe that Akemi has graduated and Naomi’s at Stanford just about to complete her first year.

Among other interesting discoveries, showing how small Hawaii is, John works in the same building as Nadine’s (Michael’s wife’s) sister, and John and Ann’s daughter Raimi has been tennis doubles partner and friends with Jacie Hamai, my cousin Pat’s (Uncle George Au’s daughter’s) daughter at Mililani High School. Jacie’s graduation day is today (for pictures of Jacie’s graduation, see the Au section)! Congratulations! After all these years they find out that they’re “calabash cousins” through my parents.

Click on the Au button, the link to family history prepared by Aunty Anna, the outline, then 3rd son Au Koon Yen, to see our relation to Jacie.

Now that we’ve exchanged email addresses, we hope we can keep in better touch and not be so surprised with how fast the kids are growing up.


See below for pictures taken in July at Ann and John’s house, and click on “Nakamura” for pictures at Karl’s house on their stopover mentioned above.



Group shot of my cousins. Top row: Michael, Mark, Ryan. Seated: me, Clarynne, Melissa (Uncle Wataru’s nephew’s daughter — fortunately in Hawaii that makes us just simply “cousins” with no need to figure out our exact complicated relationship), Raimi and Jacie.

Clarynn and Raimi play a duet

Clarynne and Raimi played a duet for us. They recently (on August 27) had a piano recital in which they both played two duets each, with different partners, and received compliments from many parents. I know we enjoyed their playing during the party.

Raimi and Jacie

Raimi and Jacie, the newly discovered cousins.

Raimi and Jacie

Raimi and Jacie. For more pictures at Jacie’s graduation, see the Au section.

Roy and Christie

Dad’s cousin Roy (Aunty Clara and Uncle Wataru’s son) and his daughter Christie at Erich’s (Jean’s son’s) graduation party.


Cousin Evan (Jean’s son) and me at the graduation party.

Photos of Clarynne’s graduation, June 2003.