Aunty Margaret

Aunty Margaret and Dad in 1945


Kathy and Kaitlyn at Kevin’s wedding.

(See the Kashiwahara section for more pictures from the wedding.)

At Karl's House

At Karl and Kathy’s house on May 26, 2000, when Aunty Clara, Ann and John were passing through on their way back from graduation ceremonies and Rosa was able to join us.

At Karl's house

Robbie, Jamie, Beth & Kaitlyn

Robbie, Jaimie, Beth & Kaitlyn on the Nakamura’s Christmas card 2000.

2004 Holiday card

Nakamura holiday portrait 2004.

Ryan Tanoue

Ryan Wins World Cup

June 2005 — Joyce’s son Ryan Tanoue has won the World Cup in Munich, Germany, securing a spot at the Beijing Olympics for the United States. 2004–2005 articles about his accomplishments.

2005 Honolulu Advertiser article about securing the Beijing Olympics spot.

July 2002 Honolulu Star Bulletin article about Ryan and his riflery accomplishments.


More pictures from Margaret (Peggy)