Great Grandmother’s (“Apo’s”) Family History
Anna Kam Oi Au Wong
Daughter of 3rd son, Au Koon Yen [and Apo]
Compiled December, 1978

Great Great Grandfather Au Tai Sau

married First Wife, Hee In Choy
Second Wife, Lau Nee Shee of Jao Pu Tao

Children of Both Wives in approximate order of birth (all born in rural windward Oahu, Waiahole)

Click on names with links to go to a page showing that branch of the family. I am descended from third son Au Koon Yen.

1st son Au Kwai Yau (of 1st wife)
2nd son died during infancy (of 1st wife)
1st daughter Au Mew Sin (of 1st wife)
3rd son Au Koon Yen (of 1st wife)
2nd daughter Au Mew Ngan (of 1st wife)
4th son Au Koon Wah (of 1st wife)
5th son Au Koon Leong (of 1st wife)
3rd daughter Au Mew On (of 2nd wife)
6th son Au Yen Cheung (of 2nd wife)
4th daughter Au Mew Yee (of 1st wife)
7th son Au Koon Sheong (of 1st wife)
8th son Au Koon Yee (of 2nd wife)
5th daughter Au Mew Yong (of 2nd wife)
9th son Au Koon Cheung (of 2nd wife)
10th son Au Koon Lum (of 2nd wife)
6th daughter Au Mew Chut (of 2nd wife)
7th daughter Au Mew Ngan (of 2nd wife)