A scrapbook of Stanford friends

Dim sum with the Hearns

Grandpa, Mom, Bevin, Brenna, Naomi, Bill and Janice Hearn enjoying dim sum at Yank Sing. We had a good time during the last Parent’s Weekend, having lunch at the dorm and going to lectures on Friday, then spending time in San Francisco on Saturday.

We went clothes shopping south of Market St. (not too interesting for the dads and Grandpa), to the Farmer’s Market on the Embarcadero, lunch at Yank Sing, then shopping again on Irving where Bevin found a dress for her prom.

Bevin, Brenna & Naomi

A closer view of Bevin, Brenna and Naomi (or “Brenomi,” as they referred to themselves on their dorm room door.

Burbank dorm

Burbank, where Naomi spent her first year at Stanford.


“Dan the Man,” who lives in Orinda.

Kim, Em & Ren

Kim, Em & Ren.

Naomi & Sarita

Naomi and Sarita, who roomed with Naomi and Tonyanna during their Sophomore year (click on the University HS link to see a picture of Tonyanna) in Toyon Hall. Toyon is where Uncle Karl (Nakamura) and Aunty Kathy lived when they were going to Stanford. They were able to show their children Robbie, Jaimie, Beth and Kaitlyn, where they lived when they visited Naomi last year.


Mel and her mother met us for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (how ironic) in Kahala when we were back in Hawaii. Click on “Nomura” School to read how Mel and I met at Stanford.

Afterwards, Mel and her mother came over for dessert at our house, where they had their first taste of a Pirie mango, which you can eat like an avocado by cutting it in half to the seed, twisting it in half and using a spoon to scoop out the meat.

Mel was also very surprised to learn (and I had just heard it from Aunty Carol) that the Reeves family, who is so prominent in our valley and is famous for their large family parties, includes Keanu Reeves, the actor-singer.


The people sitting on the bench across from us earlier asked Dad if he would take their picture with their camera. Fortunately they were still sitting there when Mel and her mother arrived and so offered to take our picture in return.

Lois and John

While we were waiting to meet Mel and her mother at California Pizza Kitchen in Kahala, we ran into Lois (Mom’s Maid of Honor) and John, who were also going to have dinner there (so small the place).

My Neon

My first car, a Plymouth Neon.

A scrapbook of Stanford friends