In Kyoto

When I was in Kyoto studying at the Stanford Japan Center in 2002, my junior-and-senior-year roommate Kati (left) came to visit me. Heather (right) was with me in Kyoto on the same program. Here we are sightseeing at the famous Fushimi Inari shrine, with some of the 10,000 torii gates behind us.

Fushimi Inari is where Inarizushi, commonly called “cone sushi” in Hawai‘i, originated — one of my favorites.

(See Sakamoto > “Dad visits me in Japan” for more pictures of Fushimi Inari and my 6-month stay in Japan.)

At Scarlet Fire

During my masters program at Stanford (2003–2004 school year) I lived at Scarlet Fire, a “Dead house” (all named after Grateful Dead songs) just off-campus, and had many good times with good friends. The photos on these pages represent my scrapbook of memories of those good times. Above, Audrey, me, Chris, Lyza, and Julia after a wonderful weekend at Lyza’s family’s house in Nevada City.

Alison bowling

Alison appropriately dressed for our senior year house trip to Disco Bowling at Palo Alto Bowl.

Aujin and Ben

Aujin and Ben, two of my classmates from the CEM program.

Broom dance

My housemate Kristin and I practice our swing moves in the Scarlet Fire kitchen.

Couch gals

Audrey, Julia, me and Lyza on the Scarlet Fire couch.


We had to practice wearing our master’s hoods for two weeks before graduation.

Davie and Pat

My housemates Pat and Davie.


Alison, Julia and I decided to spice up a weekend trip into San Francisco with a few funky outfits.

Eli, Ray and me

Raymond, Eli, and me. Raymond and Eli are currently in their second year at UCLA medical school.


The Gamma-Alpha-Lambda-Sigma sorority: GALS. Me, Alison, Julia, Audrey and Lyza in our signature sorority shorts.

Girls in the City

The girls of Scarlet Fire in Hayes Valley after some delicious Belgian fries.

Girls in the City

Lyza, Alison, Julia, and me in the Scarlet Fire backyard.