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Julia, Lyza, Z

Julia, Lyza, and Zack at our favorite campus hangout, the Treehouse.

Me and Julia

Julia and me practicing our kung-fu at a party.

Lyza and Julia

Lyza and Julia being “charming.”

With Jeremy and Alison

Me, Jeremy and Alison.

Ami and Julia

With Na’amah and Julia in Hayes Valley.


With my housemate Adam.

Aujin and Melissa

With Aujin and Melissa, two of my classmates from the CEM program. Aujin is from Korea and is finishing her degree this quarter, and Melissa recently gave birth to twins while on leave from Skanska Corporation in Boston.

With Melissa and Aaron

With Aaron and Melissa. Aaron is a UH graduate working for a construction company in Seattle.

With Julia and Alison

With Julia and Alison.


With my CEM classmate Tony, a fellow coterm student.


With my housemate Mike. Mike is currently a lab manager at NYU.

On Mike's birthday

Celebrating Mike’s birthday.

Mike and bear

Studying with Mike and Davie’s stuffed animal, Scooty Bear.