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Pat's birthday

My former housemate Pat’s birthday.


Adam, Kristin and our landlord Rob. Rob was once a dancing bear for the Grateful Dead, and now owns 17 Dead Houses in Palo Alto.

Sandra's party

Sandra's party

Sandra's party

Our housemate Sandra’s bon voyage party. She left Scarlet Fire to spend three months in Germany before returning to the U.S. to do her master’s in journalism at Columbia.


Scarlet Fire dinner.

Scarlet Fire hats

Adam, Mike, Julia, Davie, and I decide to wear hats to dinner.

Surreal gals

Lyza, Jeremy, Julia, and I pose for a surrealist portrait.

Tofu sculpture

I constructed this tofu sculpture of the Pantheon and Stonehenge while Julia and I cooked our weekly dinner.

Playing tourists

Julia, me, Alison, and Anand play tourists at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Treehouse meeting

Another important meeting at the Treehouse.

With Scooby

With Scooby-Doo.

Grandpa and Mom

Grandpa and Mom at my masters degree graduation party.

Gals graduating

Preparing to Wacky Walk at our undergrad graduation with Alison, Mike and Lyza. Note Alison’s dancing chicken.


Graduating (masters degree in C.E.) in my hard hat. For more photos from graduation, go to Naomi > Stanford BA or Stanford MS.


UHS/Stanford friends: Dan, Chris, Charlene, me, Melissa, Kati at Mom’s 2004 cookie party.