Saturday, June 12, 2004


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Hard hat

Posing with the blue hard hat I decided to wear to the graduation ceremonies. Look for it in the photograph below that Dad took from the stands at the graduation ceremony in Stanford Stadium.


Mom and Sheila

Mom and Sheila.



My roommate Kati (Junior-Senior years). Notice the Hello Kitties in hard hats in the background.


Sunday, June 13, 2004


View from the stands

View from the stands of the graduation ceremony at Stanford Stadium.


Graduation ceremony

The procession and the crowd of graduates.



Enlargement of the photo above — I’m in a blue hard hat to the right of the string of red balloons.



An even more magnified enlargement of the same crowd-scene photograph above — you can see my blue hard hat to the right and below center. It’s a good thing my Dad has a new Fuji S7000 digital camera with a 12-megapixel output, which recorded enough detail to pick out my hard hat.

I was sitting with the undergraduates and Dad was trying to spot me among the postgraduates seated in a group to the right. As a result he has many comparatively useless telephoto pictures of the postgraduate group.

He gave his old Fuji 6900 (that he bought used in Kyoto in 2002) to me. (See Sakamoto > Dad visits me in Japan.)

The instruction book and the camera readouts are all in Japanese so it should be easier for me to use the 6900 than it would be for Dad to continually keep up his Katakana (the phonetic Japanese alphabet for foreign words).


The crowd

The sea of proud parents, relatives and friends in the stands.


Receiving my diploma

Receiving my diploma at the department’s ceremony in Memorial Auditorium.



Diploma in hand, hardhat on head, bandage on knee. I was on crutches until the day before due to a sprained knee.



With my friend Lyza.



  Oschin's family

Oisin’s family.

  With Oschin

Oisin and me.


With Mom

With my proud Mom.


C.E.M. classmates Aujin and Aaron.

  With Grandpa

With my very proud Grandpa, who was busy videotaping the whole occasion and has promised us a DVD sometime “soon.”


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