Saturday, June 13, 2004


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After the ceremonies we met my freshman-year roommate Brenna and her family at “Scarlet Fire,” the house I lived in during the 2004 school year, and we posed the same way as when we first met five years ago (below). Can you believe it’s already been that long?

Brenna also got her Masters degree (in Mechanical Engineering) this year. She was living in another “[Grateful] Dead house” (all named after Grateful Dead songs) just a block from mine and plans to live in Scarlet Fire for a while when she returns to Palo Alto at the end of summer to work.


Brenna and me

  The Hearns

Posing with the Hearns. From left, Dad, Bill Hearn, Brenna, me, Janice Hearn and Mom.

  My room

Brenna and her sister Bevin in my attic room. Bevin went to college at Duke. My roommate Julia’s space is to the right (cropped off so as not to embarrass her). Fortunately we’re both short Asian girls so the low ceiling isn’t that big a handicap.


Bevin, Brenna and me

Bevin, Brenna and me.

  Party at Audrey’s

A graduation party at Audrey’s grandmother’s beautiful home, just a few blocks from Scarlet Fire.

  With Grandpa

With Grandpa.


Audrey  /(right)

Adam, “ACD” and Audrey.

  Lunch at Blackhawk

On Tuesday, we went to Blackhawk to visit the museum and do more shopping while Dad worked. My aunties and I had lunch with Jon and Dad at the Blue Footed Booby Canoe Club in the plaza.


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