JUNE 14, 2003




Party scene

Party scene in the dining room.



Aunty Carol and Grandpa.


Emma Wong

Emma Wong.


Aunty Nadine

Aunty Nadine.


The Chois

Mrs. & Mr. Choi, Charlene and Dad. Charlene and her mother visited me in Kyoto when Dad was there. Click on Sakamoto > “Dad visits me in Japan,” > page 5.


Dad, Mom & me

Dad, me and Mom.


Party crowd

Grandpa takes a picture in the crowd. Left to right: Edith and Rob (from Mom’s work), Wing-san and Ricky-san (from Mom’s Japanese class) and Grandpa.


Melissa Holman

My good high-school friend Melissa Holman.


Eating a hot dog

Is Julia eating a hot dog? Julia is one of my roommates (2003 – 2004) at “Scarlet Fire,” a house we’re sharing with several others just off the Stanford campus.


My draw-mate Tracy.


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