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Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa, Naomi and Grandma. Click the link to learn more about Grandpa’s accomplishments, from the program of his induction into the McKinley High School Hall of Honor.

There was an interesting article about Alzheimer’s and vitamins in the February 2, 2004 issue of Time magazine (page 78). I didn’t know where to put it on the website so I put it here, just so it would be relatively easy to find.

Family portrait

The family in Kuliouou.

Bishop Museum

Visiting the Bishop Museum with (Aunty) Carol, Michael and Nadine.

Grandpa with fan

Grandpa with his new birthday hat and fan.


Celebrating Grandpa’s birthday (July 4th) with sparklers (and firecrackers).


At the airport.

Grandpa and Dad

Grandpa and Dad wearing the same shirt from Watanabe Nursery, where Aunty Mary used to work.

Click here for more pictures of Naomi in Hawaii