With grandma

At the dinner table at Uncle Michael’s house with Grandma.


At Uncle Michael’s & Aunty Nadine’s

Family portrait at Uncle Michael’s and Aunty Nadine’s house.

  Studying on my bed

Using my iBook in the same bedroom that Dad and Uncle Michael occupied when they were youngsters.

  At Hungry Lion

Having bowls of Super Mein for lunch at the Hungry Lion with Dad.



My roommate Julia.

  Uncle Michael and Aunty Nadine

We went to Sam Choy’s in Kapahulu to celebrate Grandpa’s and Julia’s birthdays — July 4th and 3rd respectively. Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael (and all of us) enjoyed the food and the “chocolate fountain” dessert table (behind them).

  Aunty Mary and Grandpa

Aunty Mary and Grandpa.

  Birthday dinner

The birthday table.


Chocolate fountain

Aunty Carol and Grandma at the chocolate fountain (with me and Julia close behind).


Grandpa enjoying his big dish of ice cream; he’s only allowed such a large helping on special occasions like his birthday.

  Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael

Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael sampling the desserts.

  Having lunch at Hungry Lion

Having lunch at Kenny’s in Kamehameha Shopping Center, known for their fresh fish.


At cousin Barbara’s house

Grandpa enjoying Shabbat at Mom’s cousin Barbara and Michael’s. Luckily Michael had a yarmulke to match his aloha shirt.

  Shabbat at Barbara’s

Husband Michael Leong at the head of the table, cousin Barbara to the right, Grandpa and Grandma; friends of Sara’s and Barbara’ mother on the left.

  With Sara and friends.

With my cousin Sara (center) and friends. Sara went to Harvard too but finished before I got there. For more photos of Barbara, Michael and Sara, please click on “Dobis“ button on the left.