Rachelle, Grandma and Grandpa

Cousin Rachelle, Grandma and Grandpa. Mom and I had already left to return to the mainland by this time so Dad went to the party at his cousin Jeff and Yvonne’s house. For pictures of Rachelle and me in Boston, go to Harvard > page 2.


Apo’s wedding clothes

After dinner Jeff brought out Apo’s wedding clothes, which Aunty Anna had carefully preserved, and which will now be donated to a Chinese-American museum so that they can be professionally conserved and enjoyed by many others. For more about Apo (great grandmother on Grandma’s side), click on the Au button.

  Apo’s wedding clothes

Jeff displays Apo’s wrap-around silk skirt.

  Many pieces

The wedding clothing worn by Apo and great grandfather was composed of a good many pieces.


Silk jacket

A silk jacket was somehow part of the ensemble.

  Many pieces

The number of pieces involved was impressive.


Aunty Carol holds one of the headpieces while Aileen holds the other.


Silk robe

Dad holds up great grandfather’s silk robe.

Aunty Carol with the Kagamis

After Mom and I had gone back to the mainland, Dad and Aunty Carol got together with the Kagamis, Laura, Wayne and Jean, for a delicious sushi lunch. Laura has ambitions to follow Naomi to Stanford and there’s no doubt that in a few short years she will do just that.

  Aunties Carol and Nadine

Aunty Nadine prepared a very large pot of stew as part of a delicious local-style poi supper. Aunty Carol already can tell it’s going to be ono (delicious).


Uncle Michael with pipikaula

Uncle Michael getting ready to slice the pipikaula (Hawaiian beef jerky).


Aunty Carol, Grandma and Grandpa getting ready to enjoy a delicious local-style dinner prepared by Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael.

  Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael

Aunty Nadine and Uncle Michael.