Aunty Mary and Grandpa

Aunty Mary and Grandpa with his birthday gifts: a Harvard hat and real bath salts.

When Grandpa came up for my graduation from Stanford, my aunties bought him some bath salts so he could relax his back and muscles by soaking in a nice warm bath. He found that the bath salts didn’t dissolve very easily. It turned out that they were packets of potpourri; it didn’t do anything for his aching muscles and he had to take a shower to wash off the residue but it made him smell very nice! This time my aunties made sure they were actually bath salts.


Julia and I try out Aunty Nadine’s bed

Julia and I are admiring Aunty Nadine’s bedroom.

Uncle Michael’s roast

Uncle Michael prepared a delicious (approximately 25-pound) roast on his grill, as usual. He carved it into nice thick slices for us to enjoy.

  Aunty Carol

Aunty Carol and I prepare Grandma and Grandpa’s plates — what service!


Mom and Julia

Mom and Julia.

  Jung’s Shave Ice

At Jung’s Shave Ice.

  Jung’s Shave Ice

At Jung’s Shave Ice; Jung on the right.

  Mom & me at Lanai lookout

Mom and I enjoyed the view from the Lanai lookout. If you look closely you can just about make out Lanai on the horizon. Notice the color of the Pacific Ocean compared to the mainland. San Francisco Bay looks very gray and was a big shock to Dad when he arrived in 1962 — during the historical period that I studied in high school — to attend Cal.


Sandy Beach

We stopped at Sandy Beach to look at tide pools and get our feet wet.


Makapu‘u Beach. Mom and I are standing near the orange flags on the right.

  Rabbit Island

A view of Rabbit Island on a nice day.


Japanese restaurant

We had dinner with Barbara and Michael at the Japanese restaurant Izakaya Nonbei in Kapahulu, whose interior was very attractively decorated like a traditional Japanese country inn.

  Barbara, Mom and Michael

Barbara, Mom and Michael.