Memorial Hall and GSD

Memorial Hall and the Graduate School of Design (left).


The Graduate School of Design, where I’ll be spending the next few years of my life.

 GSD trays

This shows the terraces of student cubicles where I’ll be spending all my time. My desk for the next year will be the one just above the stool on the lower right.

GSD trays

View from higher up. Now I’m one of those hard-working students with worried looks on their faces.

Francis Ave.

On my way to GSD (Graduate School of Design) every day, I’ll walk by Francis Avenue to remind me of my dad (proudly wearing a “Harvard Dad” T-shirt in this photo).


Dad just liked the name of this freshman dorm, “Wigglesworth,” so he insisted on taking a picture of me in front of one of the entrances.


One day, we visited MIT. This is a dorm, designed by famous architect Steven Holl, nicknamed “the Sponge” (the building, not the architect). We found that the MIT campus is far less beautiful than Harvard — lots of closely spaced concrete buildings with few big trees — so I’m glad I’m at Harvard, and Dad is glad he didn’t go to MIT but went to Cal instead.

Boston Library

Over the Labor Day weekend, we met my cousin Rachelle and went sightseeing around Boston on a beautiful day. This is the public library.


Reflection of a church in the John Hancock building, designed by I.M. Pei, one of the newest buildings in downtown Boston.

Rachelle and me

Rachelle, Dad and I walked along the beautiful Commonwealth Avenue concourse in the Back Bay area of Boston.

Lunch with Rachelle

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Garden of Eden restaurant — and shared a very rich dessert.


S & S

Dad and I became very familiar with Inman Square, the center of the local Portuguese community. Here we are at S & S restaurant.

S & S founder

The restaurant got its name from its founder, who used to say, in Yiddish, “Es and Es” (eat and eat). They have a life-size cardboard cutout of the founder next to the menu board, which is rather amusing.

Across the street is a Portuguese hardware store, where I bought a couple of very inexpensive covered pots to round out the kitchen supplies.

Inman Square

Among the other attractions of Inman Square are Punjabi Dhaba (a great Indian restaurant, not shown in this picture, a couple of blocks away in the opposite direction), East Coast Grill, where we had a great seafood dinner, and Christina’s Ice Cream next door.

Punjabi Dhaba takes cash only but you can expect to get a lot of delicious food for your cash — we ordered way too much, ended up stuffing ourselves and still taking home leftovers.

Portuguese Credit Union

Next to Punjabi Dhaba is a Portuguese Credit Union and there a few Portuguese flags flying in front of houses to remind you where you are.

The parking meters give you half an hour for a quarter, which is pretty cheap compared to San Francisco, but nowhere nearly as cheap as downtown Hilo, Hawaii, where the quarter would buy you five hours — although we couldn’t figure out what we could possibly do for 5 hours in Hilo.