The following pictures were taken by Naomi or by her co-workers in Tokyo.

Three friends

Three hapa (mixed-ancestry) girls: Heather, Naomi and Alison. Alison went to Discovery Center School with Naomi and to Lick-Wilmerding High School, where Naomi was considering going if not to University High School. Alison happened to be in Kyoto on a Wellesley program during the same time.

Closing dinner

The girls before their Stanford Japan Campus closing dinner.

Dorm room

The first week of Naomi’s internship in Tokyo, Naomi was at Obayashi’s Research Institute in Kiyose, on the outskirts of Tokyo, about 2-1/2 hours away by bus and train from the home office. She was staying in the company dormitory across the street from the research institute so the first week was very convenient.

Above is Naomi’s dorm room at Kiyose. The first day there she was miserable because it was so hot and while she thought the air conditioner wasn’t able to keep up with the heat, she actually had it on the heater mode and was heating the room up even more.

Bus stop

The second week, however, she worked at the design firm Atelier, a little over two hours away by bus and train. This was her pleasant walk to the bus stop along a taro field.

Taro field

The taro field across the street from her dorm.

Research Institute

According to Naomi, the Research Institute is the most energy-efficient building in the world.

Colleagues at Research Institute

These were some of her co-workers from the research institute after their going-away dinner for her.


Naomi was invited to an Obayashi baseball game and a barbeque for team members and wives.

Atelier design group

The second week of her internship, Naomi worked with the design firm Atelier G&B. Her boss Seki-san is second from the left. Even though she only worked a week at the research institute and at Atelier, they were very kind to throw her a going-away party on her last day at each place. These were her co-workers at Atelier.


After her going-away party at Atelier, it was too late to get back to her dorm room in Kiyose before they locked up at 11:00, so Kudoh-san kindly let Naomi stay with her for the evening.

Kudoh-san, her parents and her aunt and uncle came to visit us in Hawaii in December 2002. Go to Sakamoto > December 2002 visit to see more pictures of Kudoh-san.

Rice vending machine

A vending machine near the train station where you can conveniently pick up a bag of rice on your way home.

Job site

The third week, Naomi worked with the main office at the Kanagawa University job site. Naomi liked it because she got to wear a hard hat.

Her boss Matsuoka-san is on the left and division chief Chikai-san is on the right.