— September 2005 —

Alison and Mike

Of course, we always try to enjoy many very nice breakfasts, lunches and dinners when Dad is in town, including this dinner with my roommates Alison and Mike at EVOO (“Extra Virgin Olive Oil”), a world-class restaurant very conveniently located only a block from our apartment. Once again the food, wine and service were outstanding — and they gave us two extra baguettes to take home too.

See bottom of page 7 for a picture taken last winter, during the “Great Blizzard of ’05.”

More pictures of Alison and Mike are at Friends > A scrapbook of Stanford friends.

Charlene and her parents

Dad timed his trip to coincide with the arrival of Charlene and her parents. Charlene and Alison are both starting at Harvard Law School this year. I’ve known Charlene since University High School and both Charlene and Alison were at Stanford with me.

Another high-school friend, Chris, is in his second year at the Law School and lives a block away from Charlene in another dorm. It’s so nice to have so many of my closest friends nearby this year. Last year Chris and I were the only ones of our group from University High School or Stanford attending Harvard.

Here we are with Charlene and her parents, after a busy day of moving in, enoying chocolate fondue and other desserts.


Charlene and her mom

We had many opportunities to get together with Charlene and her parents. Dad was able to make use of his hard-earned experience helping me move in last year to be of some help to Charlene during this, her first-year move.

Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant

We enjoyed a nice Japanese lunch at Porter Exhange, near the Porter Square train station (T-stop). Porter Exchange has several Asian restaurants and shops. It’s where Dad bought a very nice sake set — one of the essentials, in his opinion — during his visit last year to help me move in.

After lunch we browsed through a Japanese market there and I bought a 25-pound bag of rice, which should last me nearly through the coming year.

Shopping at Target

During the first few days when Charlene arrived I was still working during the day at my summer job in downtown Boston at SBRA (Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson & Abbott), one of the largest and oldest architecture firms in the country — they designed and built the Capitol building in Boston and several buildings at Stanford.

Meanwhile Dad was free to accompany Charlene and her parents to Target, with which he became intimately familiar during my first-year move-in last year. Dad and I visited Target at least a half dozen times in just a few days.

Charlene managed to fill to overflowing three shopping carts during their first trip to Target. Fortunately everything just barely managed to squeeze into the rental car … and luckily Charlene’s dorm has an elevator.

Lobster bib

Among the highlights of the trip was going to the Barking Crab in Boston to enjoy fresh whole lobster. Preparations involve donning a lobster bib and lubricating our throats with sufficient quantities of locally brewed beer.

Dad and I actually went there twice, once before Charlene arrived. Previous to this visit Dad had always intended to enjoy an East Coast lobster but we never got around to it. This time, he had it twice!

On our first visit to Barking Crab, along with a 1.5-pound lobster, Dad also ordered a bucket of “steamers,” an east-coast variety of clams that we don’t see on the west coast.

Christine's ice cream

We enjoyed more delicious seafood at East Coast Grill, then went next door to Christine’s for ice cream. (See a picture of East Coast Grill and Christine’s at the bottom of page 2, taken almost exactly a year ago.)