Stopover in Oakland

Robert, Genny, Grandma, Aunty Mary and Bruce (who drove down from his vineyard in Napa) during their stopover in Oakland.

Aunties and me

My aunties and I are looking over graduation and visitor information in their hotel in Cambridge near Kendall Square and MIT.

Grandma and me

A nice picture of Grandma (who was almost 91) and me in the living room of their very nice and conveniently located hotel.

Grandma and aunties

Grandma, Aunty Carol and Aunty Mary.

Mike and Alison

Mike and Alison at Chang Sho, a very nice Chinese restaurant on Mass. (Massachusetts) Ave., where Dad and the Chois had been three years ago, when Charlene arrived at Harvard.

Michael, Robert and Genny

Uncle Michael, Robert and Genny Miyashita.

Aunty Carol, Grandma and me

Aunty Carol, Grandma and me.

Graduate School of Design at night

Uncle Michael took this picture of the Graduate School of Design (GSD), my home for four years.

The graduation

The graduation ceremony. Dad got in line at 6:30am and managed to get a seat (somewhat wet, since it had rained the day before), very coincidentally,...

Lindsay's family

... right next to (immediately to the left of) the family of my Stanford Urban-Studies classmate Lindsay, who was also getting her post-graduate degree.

Although we in the GSD were instructed not to bring our cellular phones, Lindsay (who was in a different school and not similarly restricted) and her parents were in continuous touch during the ceremony. Lindsay and I happened to bump into each other in the rest room, so we knew that our parents were sitting next to each other. What a very small world!

Lydia and me

My friend Lydia and I are waiting to enter the main ceremonial area. (I swear, I don’t know who that is in the background sticking out her tongue—well, maybe I do...but I probably shouldn’t really say.)


I’m somewhere in the graduating group in the background, among my colleagues in the Graduate School of Design.

GSD graduation

I’m in the second to last row, just to left of center, with the red lei.


My reward, finally, after four long years at Harvard.


My aunties, uncle, Grandma, and Grandpa’s longtime friends the Miyashitas came all the way from Hawai‘i, Grandpa came from Seattle, Mom’s friend Michael, and Mom and Dad came from the Bay Area to witness my final graduation.